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Touch Arcade forums Read rules before posting
cocos2d forums Only for games built using cocos2d
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Web Sites to Promote Your iPhone Game

  Site Submit App Link Advertising Link Rank
1 Touch Arcade 7k
2 App Shopper 8k
3 Apptism     15k
4 App Safari 22k
5 148apps 26k
6 iphone application list     35k
7 App Advice 36k
8 AppVee   42k
9 Just Another iPhone Blog   51k
10 App Craver 52k
11 slide to play   65k
12 iphone footprint   69k
13 iPhonefreak   80k
14 What's on iPhone   85k
15 App Store Apps   105k
16 planet-iphones   107k
17 appmodo   112k
18 Limited Edition iPhone     120k
19 Appolicious   130k
20 The iPhone App Review   145k
21 Daily App Show   176k
22 Yappler     181k
23 The Portable Gamer   215k
24 AppSmile 216k
25 modojo   216k
26 KRAPPS 218k
27 App Rater     221k
28 Touch Reviews   261k
29 The APPera 285k
30 iPhone Apps     332k
31 Native iPhone Apps   392k
32 AppGamer   415k
33 AppChatter   429k
34 No D Pad   447k
35 Touch My Apps 604k
36 RazorianFly   654k
37 All iPhone Apps Review     681k
38 Crazy Mike's Apps   694k
39 appVersity   721k
40 Slap App     942k
41 App Struck   1014k
42 iPhone Nuts   1318k
43 Brick roll 1339k
44 iPhone Apps Gallery     1796k
45 Tap Download   2017k
46 Pocket Full of Apps 2042k
474 iPhone Bang   2504k
48 iPhone Game Reviews   2824k
49 ifone reviews     2901k
50 App Album   3038k
51 TouchGen   3066k

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